Candle Care & Safety

To ensure best and safest use of candles, please follow the safety rules below and located on the warning labels. 

- Always read and follow the safety instructions on the candle's warning label carefully. 

- Keep out of reach of children and pets.

- Always keep a lit candle in sight, and EXTINGUISH candles when leaving a room unattended.

- Keep candles away from flammable objects such as blankets, curtains, decorations, paper, etc. 

- Always keep candles on an even, stable surface.

- Glass container can become hot to touch during and after use.

- Always trim wick to 1/4 inch each EACH time before use. 

- Never use a candle as a night light and never keep lit for longer than 4 hours maximum.

- Keep the melted wax pool free of trimmings and debris at all times.

- Ensure candles are lit in a well-ventilated room and never have multiple candles in use within 3-4 inches of each other. 

- Keep candles away from fans, air conditioning vents, and naturally occurring drafts as this can lead to improper burning as well as soot build up around the outer ring of the candle jar. Also poses as an increased fire hazard as the flame can flare uncontrollably. 

- If your candle flickers, smokes, pops, or if you notice the flame becoming too high please EXTINGUISH your candle immediately! 

- Lastly, please make sure your candle cools properly before trimming the wick as required before next use.